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Laura Magni



Directed by Roberta Lena

Dramaturgy by Roberta Lena , Laura Magni and Lorenza Pieri

Winner of the 5th edition of " I Teatri del Sacro "

Happy Mary is an irreverent and respectful show of sacredness, comical and moving, which celebrates the woman and her redemption power through a new tale of the figure of Mary.

The Madonna, in her archetype of female model that has lasted for centuries, is no longer told as a painful mater, a concentrate of affliction, but as a strong woman capable of happiness.

The narrating voice is that of Chiara, a woman who returns to her country during the Easter holidays to visit her grandmother, to whom she promised herself to interpret the role of the Madonna in the Easter procession. Chiara is an actress and does not give up studying carefully to take on the role of the Immaculate Conception: thus begins a personal journey that will lead her to confront the narration that has been made of her over the centuries, that of Addolorata and the urgency of to be the one to tell another version of Mary in the first person. Through a dialogue with the grandmother who initially represents the most dogmatic vision of the Marian figure and a clash of inner voices, apparitions and dreamed testimonies of various characters of the Gospels, an unexpected call, the protagonist reconstructs a different idea of the mother of Jesus, that of a courageous woman and a joyful mother. In a crescendo that is at times exhilarating, but also profound and moving, Chiara will arrive at full identification with the figure of a new Mary when she is about to interpret the embrace that will take place with the risen Jesus. A new story that invites us to reflect on the great stories of the female icons of our culture and at the same time incite us to rejoice in earthly happiness.

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