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Claudia Penoni



Directed by Daniele Sala

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In the life of a woman there are women who are very present and others who meet in passing, some even we know them only thanks to a photograph. Yet it is precisely these that seem so distant to us that we discover them dangerously close: in fact, it is enough for our man to see them and often we just have the photograph of him too.

Claudia Penoni (who here plays the role of Caterina) dives with irony into the war of the sexes and re-emerges from it with a show that is a small humorous chamber treatise. With the tone of an entomologist of feelings, she brings to the stage with amazement the considerations and characters of that curious funfair, sometimes wonderful and sometimes ridiculous, which is the daily odyssey of women in the 2000s.


Is there an Ithaca to land on? Or is it just a perennial pitching at the mercy of winds and events? There is a happy ending, but as in the best thrillers it is an ending in which the roles of the good and the bad are reversed and the women who have always been considered "ribs" of the male surprisingly show that they descend from many other attributes.


After the theatrical successes of “Stasera non escort”, brought to the stage throughout Italy for three seasons, “Every Tuesday at 6 pm”, “Adamo e Deva”, Claudia Penoni proposes this amusing monologue directed by Daniele Sala.


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