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Claudia Penoni


Cripztak in the “Polish Cinema”, paired with Leonardo Manera, and Mrs. Varagnolo, both presented to Zelig, are the characters who have made Claudia Penoni's comic talent popular.

She attended the Theater Laboratory of Turin and the film and television dubbing course at Videodelta, which allows her to "lend" her voice to many characters in films, soap operas and cartoons. Later he attended the singing course at the Jazz Center of Turin and a Workshop coordinated by the Actor's Center of Rome held by Michael Margotta, a member of the Actor's Studio of New York . She begins to indulge her comic inclination that will lead her over the years to work more and more often in brilliant comedies.

The perfectly successful transition from Racine's tragic Phaedra (just a year later, in 1996) to the comedy of Gaber and Luporini: "The strange case of Alessandro and Maria", shows the extreme versatility that distinguishes his acting talent. The following comedies are: “ Santo Sannazzaro makes his own stuff ” (with Gene Gnocchi, directed by D. Sala); “ Risate al 23 ° piano ” by Neil Simon (with Enzo Iacchetti, directed by M. Parodi); “ Provaci Ancora Sam ” by W. Allen (with Enzo Iacchetti, directed by M. Navone); “ Non solo ciccioli ” by Della Noce-Posani (directed by M. Navone) and “ Ah, what a beautiful life! ”By Cevoli-Freyrie (with Paolo Cevoli, directed by D. Sala).

In the same years she participated as an actress in various radio broadcasts of RaiRadio2 (Single, Terno all'otto, Beautiful couple, The times that run, Zona cesarina, Sidecar and Ottovolante).

There are several television appearances in sitcoms, fiction and variety shows, including: “ O la va o la splits ” TV film with Ezio Greggio; “Il mammo” sit-com with Enzo Iacchetti; “ Saturday Night Live ” variety (directed by L. Lorenzini); “ Maurizio Costanzo Show ” and “ Quasi TG ” satirical news with Rocco Tanica.

In 2006 he won the “Valsugana Ridens” Cabaret Festival and is in the cast of Zelig Off. In 2007 he began his participation in Zelig (which will last for several years) paired with Leonardo Manera, playing the character of Cripztak in Polish Cinema . Also in Zelig he participates as a soloist with the character of Mrs. Varagnolo .

Since 2007 she has been the protagonist of the sit-com Life Bites (in the role of the mother) broadcast on the Disney Channel and Italia 1, now in its 7th series. In 2009 he was in the cast of Checco Zalone's film " Cado dalle Cloud " and in 2011 in Ezio Greggio's " Box Office 3D ".

In 2011, together with Margherita Antonelli, Alessandra Faiella and Rita Pelusio, he gave life to the theatrical project Stasera non escort , on stage for 3 seasons, a show that takes shape within the movement "Se non ora Quando" and which was born from need to use the "weapons" of satire to build a committed comedy, attentive to the female universe. In the same years he is on tour with his show " Waiting for retirement ".

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Directed by Daniele Sala

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