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Teo Teocoli


The actor and comedian Teo Teocoli was born in Taranto on 25 February 1945; his real name is Antonio. The career as a cabaret artist began at the well-known Milanese club "Derby", a temple of the genre and forge over the years of various famous names and faces in the show business. He hits the Milanese stage together with Cochi and Renato, Enzo Jannacci, Diego Abatantuono and Massimo Boldi; moreover, he becomes part of Adriano Celentano's Clan.

It is the 60s: he sings with other groups such as " I Camaleonti " and " I Quelli " (which later became PFM , Premiata Forneria Marconi).

The television debut took place in 1982 on the Lombard network Antenna 3, together with Massimo Boldi, with the program " Non lo sapessi but lo so ". He is later part of the cast of " Drive In ", a show that will trace the course of a new television comedy. After the transmission " A roundabout on the sea ", in 1989 he gave life to one of his most famous and hilarious characters: Peo Pericoli , in the program " Emilio ". In 1991, together with Gene Gnocchi, he participated in " The game of the nine ", hosted by Gerry Scotti. He is the protagonist of the sit-com " The neighbors ", by Gino and Michele with the character of Teo Bauscia.

The film debut takes place in 1975 in the film " The master and the worker ". In 1979, together with Anna Oxa, he starred in the theater of a musical show. In 1991/92, called by Antonio Ricci, already author of "Drive In", leads " Striscia la Notizie ". In 1992 he inaugurated " Scherzi a parte ", a program in vogue for many years in which the victims of the hilarious candid cameras are the well-known and famous characters.

Milanese and AC Milan fan, passionate Rossoneri fan, with Gialappa's Band has launched " Mai dire gol " since 1992. Teo Teocoli creates and plays funny characters, such as Felice Caccamo , Gianduia Vettorello and, again, Peo Pericoli ; will abandon the broadcast only in 1995.

In 1994 he published a comic book, " Total frying global ". In the same year he won a Telegatto . In 1996 he hosted the variety " Il boom " on Canale 5, together with Gene Gnocchi and Simona Ventura. He re- proposes his sports characters in " EuroPeo ", broadcast on Italia 1 on the occasion of the European football championships. In 1997 he hosted the variety " Faccia tosta " on RaiUno, together with Wendy Windham. In the same year he is one of the protagonists of " Fantastica italiana ". After some participations in the Sunday program " Quelli che il calcio ", by and with Fabio Fazio, he became a regular guest from 1998 to 2000. In February 1999 from the Municipal Casino Theater of Sanremo, together with Fabio Fazio and Orietta Berti, he hosted " Sanremo Notte ", the appointment that accompanies the 49th edition of the Festival. At the end of that same year he was a regular guest of Adriano Celentano in the show " Francamente me ne infischio ". In the 50th edition of the Sanremo Festival he supports Fabio Fazio and Luciano Pavarotti in conducting.

In 2001 he starred with Anna Galiena in the film " Bibo forever ". On television he participated in the Celentano and Fiorello shows, while the following year he returned to the Sanremo Festival as special guest of Pippo Baudo. Later, still in the world of television, he returns to conduct " Scherzi a parte ", with Massimo Boldi and Michelle Hunziker. In the 2003/04 edition he is joined by Manuela Arcuri and Anna Maria Barbera. In 2004 he was the protagonist of the first Mediaset One-man show: " Il Teo - I am back to normal ", in which he stages his most famous and irresistible characters. Among the funniest and hilarious imitations are Ray Charles and Valentino Rossi.

In 2004 and 2005 the theatrical show " I am back to normal show " was sold out in Milan, Turin, Naples, Genoa, Bologna and Brescia. Also in 2005 he starred in the summer of Canale 5 with " You are a myth! This night is for you ", a show hosted with Roberta Capua. Later we find him in Rai where he becomes guest-commentator of " Domenica Sportiva ".


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