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Pihinì - Tornando al monte  



Twenty years for the band led by Dario Canossi, the volcanic singer of Camunian blood, to be celebrated with the seventh album of unreleased tracks.
The Luf resume the scene with “Pihinì - Tornando Al Monte”, an album of 12 songs that talk about mountains, environment and traditions.
Award-winning Italian writers also collaborated on the new work, giving birth to a real concept album, in which engaging music with a folk rock flavor intertwines with deep and committed lyrics. A project that reaches straight to the heart and head and that immediately triggers the desire to reflect and dance together.


The Luf are born from an idea of Dario Canossi, born in the mountains of Val Camonica, in the province of Brescia, a land that inspires almost all of his songs. Songs that speak of common life and "Camuna", characters and true stories, in the most poetic sense of the term. Small pearls of dialect, love for culture, popular tradition and social commitment, all elements that are the basis of the philosophy of the Luf. In those parts "luf" means wolves and the Lufs are in fact a bunch of musicians who come from different experiences and who together manage to create a strong sound impact, with a great folk-rock imprint. The Lufs therefore move substantially from where Van De Sfroos stopped with "Breva e Tivan", a record on which Canossi himself collaborated and are placed on the side that, from the Modena City Ramblers onwards and derived from the international cast of the Pogues , he mixed traditional themes and music reworked with rock rhythms and mechanics. The result is a fun and vital mixture that drags and involves.

The group takes shape at the dawn of 2000: two years of hard work and finally the first album arrives: "Ocio ai Luf" which obtains a good success both popular and critical, repeated by the excellent reception at live concerts. where the Lufs perform at their best. The Camuno Dario Canossi, voice and leader of "I Luf", having abandoned the adventure De Sfroos, an experience to which he had contributed greatly, decides to undertake the path of folk, with a repertoire of original compositions. So here is "I Luf", lively music with great communication, the vitality of rock meets the depth and rhythms of tradition. If the music of "I Luf" creates a joyful atmosphere, the lyrics of the songs, some in the Val Camonica dialect, are full of references to current events. In recent times, the audience of the Luf has become increasingly greater: as evidenced by the dozens of concerts often in support of international voluntary and solidarity associations. The music of the Luf is steeped in folk and wet with rock, it is joy and dance, it strikes at the same time the heart and the legs without however falling into the banality of the lyrics which, in the tradition of Dario Canossi, are full of references to current events and social commitment. Each concert is a celebration of joy and commitment in the best tradition of Italian author music. This is how they present themselves, to underline the formation open to the contribution of many musicians gathered by the pleasure of playing for fun and entertainment.




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