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Walter Rolfo
Training & Team Building
Bring the impossible into your business!

The project is based on the use of emotions as a means to amplify the permanence in the mind of the listeners of motivational and institutional contents.
story Coaching is a training mode and spectacle created to meet the current market needs, very effective way of conveying messages in maximum peak emotional attention of the participant's ability, borrowing the communicative mode of selling story.
It has been shown that people, when they get excited, are able to absorb three times more content and information in a short time, also, and above all, at a subconscious and subliminal level.
The perception that the participants will have is that they have witnessed a motivational show tailor-made for them, with care and attention, plus they will have assimilated and made their own, in a profound and effective way, all the necessary important information to communicate.

The power of emotions, amazement and wonder are an extraordinary means of communication that we have codified and transposed in an extremely effective way in our coaching and training sessions.

Think Strange Philosophy®
It is an innovative form of problem solving that is based on the philosophy of illusionistic lateral thinking . It applies to marketing, guerrilla marketing, communication and corporate life. In our courses it is the inspiring philosophy with which we help our clients to achieve impossible results.

Who is Walter Rolfo?

Coach and expert in perceptive processes, he combines creativity and innovation, linked to his roots in illusionistic philosophical thought, to the rationality of constructive thinking, deriving from his engineering training.

Author, host and television producer for Rai, Mediaset and Sky, with more than 1,000 programs to his credit, he is the founder and president of Masters of Magic, a consulting company in the field of management and communication. He is a consultant for large companies such as Coca-Cola, Ferrero, Juventus, Lavazza, Philip Morris, FCA, Bayer, CNH Industrial, GoodYear, Pomellato, HP, Elior, Robe di Kappa, BNL, Wind. He is didactic coordinator and lecturer of the Master "Emotions, perception and the art of the impossible" at the IULM Free University of Languages and Communication in Milan.