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Vanni De Luca
Vanni De Luca, mathematical illusionist, expert in martial arts, authentic human calculator, is the only Italian artist to stage the most complex number ever conceived in the history of mentalism: in a few minutes, and at the same time, Vanni solves a Rubik's cube , on the contrary, writes and recites from memory a song from the Divine Comedy freely chosen by the public.
Inspired by the spectacular exploits of "human supercomputers", phenomena of the 1920s Variety, Vanni has developed an infallible method for remembering mammoth packets of information. A profound connoisseur of the power of the mind over the body, he is able to modify his heartbeat and uses this trance state for sensational experiments, from prolonged apnea to fakirism.
Esoteric, mathematical, mysterious, Vanni is able to use the mind to its maximum power.

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