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The artistic agency Duepunti S.r.l. provides a broad range of services oriented to management, communication, production and organization of public and corporate events related to the entertainment field.

In 2005, the two founding members combined their respective professionality, based on their twenty-year long experience. Their aim was creating a company that would be capable of responding to the artists’ and operators’ management needs in the entertainment and live arts sector competently and accurately.

We identify and stimulate professional opportunities to our artists in television, cinema, advertising, publishing and theatre. Moreover, we find them possibilities to train our clients through corporate workshops or to perform during business events.  .

Our skills in different fields enable us a constant update and a deep knowledge of varieties of show. We guarantee adequate preparation for a correct artistic choice designed to audience and clients’ satisfaction



Our organization has been working with several companies thanks to its extensive professional experience and a business culture and approach that focus on the direct relationship with its own clients.

Duepunti S.r.l. provides complete corporate communication. Our clients recognize the importance of their events, from a business meeting to trade fairs, from the launch of a new product to regular meetings with their clientele or collaborators, as a way of corporate communication and of relation with outsiders and representatives of their own marketplace. This fact enables us to identify and to share the most appropriate option, which would be suitable for the location and the entertainment chosen.

Over the years, we have been collaborating with well-established companies and communication agencies, strengthening relations of mutual esteem and achieving aims and results in synergy with the various operating phases that characterize the event construction. In the recent past, we have honed our expertise not only nationally, but at the international level too, working together with multinational companies both abroad and in Italy.




Duepunti S.r.l. - Via Sant'Ambrogio 17/a - 23870 Cernusco Lombardone (Lc) - tel. 039 9284612 - fax 039 9907792 -  info@duepuntisrl.it

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