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Stefano Chiodaroli
Mangiafuoco, street acrobat, actor in amateur companies; the first staging was in 1983, aggregated to the Triopastello company. Graduated in 1990 from the school of the Teatro del Mimodramma Arsenale. Take part in the Archangel theater festivals in Russia and Lepujenvelaj in France with Taxibliss88.
In 1995 he resumed the activity of the stage, first with writing and then associating himself with the Ottoman trio, which has a short life. In 1997 he attended the Circolone di Legnano and in March 1998 the character of the baker was born. He is the character that allows Stefano to access the limelight of national TV in broadcasts such as Zelig we make cabaret in 1999, Color Convention in 2002 and of Colorado Cafè comedy program of Italia1, by Diego Abatantuono Stefano Chiodaroli has also created other characters Tempesta Hormone ( a Celtic demigod who leads him into the Rai2 comic program Bulldozer), and then still other energetic, crazy, surreal ones such as the Magician Abatjour, Ornello the former model and Brian Jazz trumpeter. Stefano Chiodaroli plays Mariano, car thief and thug with a heart of gold, in the sitcom “Belli inside” broadcast on Canale 5. In the winter of 2006/2007 he participates in the program “We are working for us” by Cochi and Renato. In 2007 he participated as a conductor in Strangers in The Night (foreign comedians at Zelig) broadcast on Italian-Swiss TV. In the spring of 2008 he co-starred with Luca Laurenti of the sit-com “Don Luca c'e” where he plays the role of Angelo, the country's play boy bartender. Also in 2008 he participated in Comicittà, on Comedy Central. In 2009 he participated in the Quorck program broadcast on LA7. In 2010/2011 he participated in Italian Saturday Night Live on Italia 1. He was among the protagonists of Michele Placido's latest film "I fiori del male" which tells the criminal story of the Milanese bandit Renato Vallanzasca: he played for the director Marco Pontecorvo Sauro's part is a severe truck driver against the backdrop of a story of violence against women. In another TV movie he plays the role of Amos, a dazed and overbearing organizer of rave parties in the Don Matteo TV series broadcast on Rai1 in the fall. He still has the role of a grumpy truck driver, but with a heart of gold, in the In Tour series… aired for Disney Channel on Sky channels. He wrote and staged the show Nasdarovia, a crazy and bizarre story of a family of gypsies. He has set up for the web "Interviste in Smocking", in collaboration with Zealand and Mondadori, a series of interviews with a semi-serious tone to various and prestigious writers, among others Giuseppe Culicchia, De Cataldo, Giacobbo. Since 2011 he has been paired with Alessia Ventura in the program "Want to bet", an entertainment talk show on the world of football, broadcast on Sky Sport. In 2012 he returned to Colorado Cafè with the character of the baker, an effective and convincing return to the mask that made him known to the general public. Also in 2012 he participated in two cinematographic comedies Outing with M. Ghini and N. Vaporidis and Il Vedovo with F. de luigi and L. Litizzetto.
In the 2014/15 theatrical season he starred together with Lucia Vasini and Jessika Polsky in the French comedy "Il clan delle divorziate", a great success in France and on the bill for two months at the Teatro San Babila in Milan. In 2014 he participated in the film "Solo per il weekend ", competing at the Toronto Film Festival and in 2015 at" On air ", a film about the adventurous life of DJ Marco Mazzoli of Radio105. In the winter of 2017 Stefano Chiodaroli returns to star in the French comedy" Il clan delle divorziate "in billboard at the Teatro Leonardo in Milan: in this fun work she wears the female role of the irrepressible protagonist of this piece. In the beginning of autumn 2017 she played the comedy by Alessandro Betti and Paola Galassi: Jena Ridens, on the bill at the Martinitt Theater in Milan. In autumn 2018 he is among the protagonists of the refined cinematic comedy by Pasquale Marazzo “Te lo dico pianissimo.” Again in 2018 he is one of the interpreters of the fiction "I Topi". tta and directed by Antonio Albanese.