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Directed by Daniele Sala
Charlotte production

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A fairy tale that of Freddie and Queen revived by the pen of one of the most prestigious Italian authors and by the voice of Sonny Ensabella frontman of Queenmania, the most acclaimed tribute in Europe to the English band.
A show within a show where videos, music and fairy tales are intertwined in a crescendo of emotions, from the beginnings to A Night at the Opera, from Live Aid to Wembley.
Directed by Daniele Sala Queenmania bring to life on stage the legend of a band that has written the history of the Rock ... and beyond.

" Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? ”Thus begins Queen's manifesto song, the most incredible gamble in the history of rock music. There is everything inside, splinters of hard-rock, pop, glam, opera, the eighteenth century, theatricality, the existential anxieties of man, the outcasts, the gods and the underworld.
Yet after forty-three years from its publication, no one has yet managed to reveal the secret of its meaning and fully understand the mechanisms of its success. More than a song it is a monster, a kind of Frankenstein created and sung by an ugly duckling who had turned into a god and played with an exceptional guitar, carved in the beam of a fireplace, just as happened to Pinocchio.
Perhaps the secret of Queen is precisely this: having played to keep the feet in two stirrups, one on earth and the other in the world of fairy tales.
There are no social messages in their songs and yet even today they are powerful, fascinating, credible, not at all surpassed by reality. Their art has always been the staging of a fairytale… romantic, melancholy, ironic, heartbreaking, joyful, sensual and transgressive. To understand them you don't need reason, you just have to surrender to their extraordinary ability to storytelling… from records, to live shows, to their lives, especially Freddie's.
Queenmania, the famous and very popular tribute band of Queen, get back into the game by expanding the confines of the concert and pack Queenmania Rapsody, a new show in which music, visual fascination, narration (under the direction of Daniele Sala) coexist in a more theatrical formula, a true pop rhapsody inhabited by cats, ugly ducklings, fairy guitars, spoiled queens and a treasure chest of songs that break the heart with every note, giving us the illusion of being able to "live forever".


"Queenmania Rhapsody" technical sheet