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Theatrical productions
Paolo Cevoli
La Sagra Famiglia
Directed by Daniele Sala
Diverto production

The story of Paolo Cevoli continues through the Gospels to bring back to the present day, with irony, fun and lightness, the mystery of the Birth that has lasted for over 2000 years ...

Enrico Bertolino
Instant Theatre
Directed by Massimo Navone
ITC2000 production

Instant Theater, a show in which storytelling, current affairs, humor, history, customs, news, comedy, politics and satire meet on the boards of a stage. The theater thus becomes a place for satirical information closely linked to current events.

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Teo Teocoli
Tutto Teo

A show of pure fun, in which Teo Teocoli brings his repertoire to the stage, without a lineup but relying on the emotions and inspiration of the moment, in a journey backwards in his career as an actor, singer, dancer, in one word , of showman.

Illogical Show

A theatrical show based on surreal comedy (at times inspired by slapstick comedy, at other times closer to English humor) made of juxtapositions and pressing rhythms that mix together, dragging the viewer ...

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Claudia Penoni
Donne nella mia vita
Directed by Daniele Sala

Claudia Penoni irony plunges into the war of the sexes and re-emerges from it with a show that becomes a small humorous "chamber" treatise and brings to the stage with amazement, considerations and characters of that curious amusement park, sometimes wonderful, sometimes ridiculous, which is the women's daily odyssey of the 2000s.

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In front of teenagers who identify Beethoven in a big and nice Saint Bernard dog and Mozart's music linked only to a car advertisement, Migone tries to educate to listen to classical music with amusing anecdotes bringing the viewer ...

Paolo Migone
Beethoven non è un cane
Directed by Daniele Sala
Charlotte production
Paolo Cevoli
Lezioni di Marketing Romagnolo
Diverto production

Paolo Cevoli, an entrepreneur with a cabaret hobby, talks about his experience as a restaurant manager. A show in which he talks to us, with his innate wit and his extraordinary sympathy, about his past and present as an entrepreneur ...

Silvana Fallisi
La morte balla
sui tacchi a spillo
Directed by Corredo Accordino
Agidi srl production

In the background the Sicily of the Sixties, a fascinating and contradictory land, traveling towards modernity but still full of traditions that affect everyday life, Silvana Fallisi returns to the theater with an exhilarating character and dark passions ...

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Laura Magni
Happy Mary
Directed by Roberta Lena
QL3 production

Happy Mary is an irreverent and respectful show of sacredness, comical and moving, which celebrates the woman and her redemption strength through a new story of the figure of Mary ...

Matteo Brancaleoni
Frank Sinatra: Una Voce. Una Leggenda.
with Italian Swing Band
Renato d'Herin production

Matteo Brancaleoni moves on stage in a show that is a bit of a concert and a bit of a theatrical show, made up of music and images that tell the life of Sinatra, his loves ...

Walter Rolfo
L'arte di realizzare l'impossibile
Regia di Alessandro Marrazzo
Produzione Masters of Magic

A theatrical show where magic is both a fil rouge and a special effect. A formidable gymnasium in which spectators will practice abolishing the "can't do" from their lifestyle to learn how to find the right path that leads to the realization of the impossible. To be amazed by our hidden potential ...

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Queenmania Rhapsody
Directed by Daniele Sala
Charlotte production

A fairy tale that of Freddie and Queen revived by the pen of one of the most prestigious Italian authors and by the voice of Sonny Ensabella frontman of Queenmania, the most acclaimed tribute in Europe to the English band. A show within the show where videos, music and fairy tales are intertwined in a crescendo of emotions, to acclaim a band that has written the history of Rock and beyond ...