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Walter Rolfo



Directed by Alessandro Marrazzo

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How many times have we regretted an impossible love? Have we given up on an impossible project? Did we say, is it impossible to make this dream come true? How many times have we uttered the word "impossible" in your life?

In each of these, with excellent odds, we have lost an opportunity.

“The Art of Realizing the Impossible”, directed by Alessandro Marrazzo, is a synthesis of 11 years of studies and research in the field of perception and neuroscience.

Using the philosophy of illusionistic thought, the secrets are revealed to obtain, every day, otherwise impossible results.

The show creates a new conviction in every spectator: the brain is a perfect machine with unexpressed potential, which opens extraordinary horizons to those who know the keys to access it. This philosophy has become a theatrical show where magic is both a spectacular fil rouge and a special effect. A journey into the human mind in which spectators will discover, together with Walter Rolfo, one of the world's leading experts in the art of magic, how to abolish the "can't be done" from one's lifestyle, thus finding the way that leads to the realization of impossible and the most sought-after goal: choosing to be happy.



Technical sheet "The art of achieving the impossible"