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Paolo Cevoli



Directed by Daniele Sala
Diverto production

“My daughter was crying because she couldn't do her homework. To make her stop crying, I made them. Did I do well or did I do wrong? "" If I had a model of parenting to inspire me ... "
Parents and children. Drama of our time. But perhaps this problem already existed at the time of the cavemen. And the ancient Romans, the Greeks, the Jews did their children homework.
Paolo Cevoli tells his personal story of father and son compared with irony and lightness to the great classics. Oedipus, Ulysses, Achille Aeneas and company. Until you get to God in person with Moses and the Jewish people. And the family of St. Joseph, Mary and the Child Jesus. The Holy Family.

To say serious things without taking yourself seriously. To tell the family festival.


Technical sheet "The Family Festival"

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