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With Tomas Leardini, Marcello Mocchi and Daniele Pitari

Tomas Leardini, Marcello Mocchi and Daniele Pitari, aka Trejolie, win the 2017 edition of the Sky Italia's Got Talent talent show. The young comic trio was awarded as best performer by the public (who decreed the winner through televoting) and collected the enthusiastic comments of the four talent judges: Claudio Bisio, Luciana Littizzetto, Frank Matano and Nina Zilli.

" I fell in love with Trejolie: they are three demented, but very good "

Luciana Littizzetto

" I would look good as the fourth of the Trejolie! "

Claudio Bisio

Interpreters of a surreal comedy that has its roots in the theater, given their diploma at the Paolo Grassi School of Dramatic Art in Milan, they made their debut in 2015 with Tisanina al Ribes, a theatrical and musical show directed by Paola Galassi. This experience motivates the three actors who decide to participate in Italia's Got Talent 2017 , where they stage with surrealism and irony, the funniest and most unsuccessful performance of three competitors without any talent. Not for singing, not for dancing, not for acting.

Today, developing the artistic proposal included in the television program, they propose a theatrical show based on illogical comedy and English humor : they accompany the public on a surreal and poetic journey, given by the succession of the most representative performances of the comic trio. Fast-paced rhythms, at more relaxed moments, create an atmosphere suitable for all audiences.

As in the best tradition of comic theater, the Trejolie confidently intertwine theatrical languages at first sight very distant from each other such as poetry, dance, song, in what might seem an overly ambitious attempt: the result, however, is pure fun. .


"Illogical Show" data sheet

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