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Enrico Bertolino
Enrico Bertolino has started for over two years to try his hand at an innovative theatrical formula that has successfully brought to the theaters of the main Italian cities including Rome, Milan, Bologna, Genoa, Turin and Verona. It is Instant Theater® , a theatrical show in which storytelling, current affairs, humor, history, customs, news, comedy, politics and satire come together on the boards of a stage. The formula is not that of the traditional monologue, but of the direct confrontation of the actor with the public, a constantly updated dialogue on the hottest topical issues. Through the Instant Theater®, the theater becomes a place of satirical information and the show becomes a path of knowledge of a political or social theme, a "tutorial" with a smile on their lips, particularly suitable for those who, like Bertolino himself, dripping with certainties and doubts equally distributed. Ninety minutes to spend together to clarify their beliefs and make new ones.
In 2018/19 he was a regular guest of the Agorà broadcast on RaiTre and of Che tempo che fa on RaiUno.
Since 2016 he has brought the Instant Theater® to Italian theaters
From 2005 to 2010 he hosted on RaiTre the program " Glob - l'Osceno del villaggio ", which in 2012 became " Glob Spread ".
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Directed by Massimo Navone
ITC2000 production