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Didie Caria
Training & Team Building
Vocal workshop with Didie Caria

The first objective of the workshop is to provide the basic tools for a natural use of the voice : through a physical and vocal training you will work on releasing the tension in the throat to bring out one's vocal uniqueness.

The second purpose of the work is to learn how to project the voice from the body by releasing the role of the throat . This opens the channel between the upper and lower parts of our body, making sure that our voice can resonate, becoming unique and therefore able to attract the attention of those who listen to us.

The body is the tool to make the air vibrate, the air is the medium of communication and the type of vibration we develop represents the message we want to transmit. When the voice rests in the body it transforms into something physical capable of touching us and touching the listener.

At the end of the work, each participant can decide whether to sing a fragment of a song in front of the group , while the other participants will listen curious to glimpse the beauty that the voice of each of us can tell.

Who is Didie Caria?

Didie Caria is a singer-songwriter and artist from Turin.

He shared the stage with some of the best voices on the international scene, such as Bobby McFerrin, Maria Gadù and Wallis Bird.

His musical roots trace back to American R&B and gospel, starting at the age of seventeen to work on tour with an American reverend. His artistic creativity has often led him to work on border languages between music, theater and dance. He has four independent and non-independent albums to his credit and currently works in theatrical productions as an actor and composer of the music he performs live on stage.

Presentation "LA VOCE RACCONTA" by Didie Caria

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