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Anna Maria Barbera
Not everyone knows that Anna Maria Barbera, known to the general public for the tender and provocative strength of Sconsy (Zelig), has a curriculum that goes beyond the comic.
Very young, she was a correspondent for L'Ora di Palermo, an authoritative newspaper of that period, where she signed extensive interviews for the show page. Among the great names met, Giorgio Gaber, Glauco Mauri, Maestro Luca Ronconi, Andrej Konchalovsky, Antony Queen, Antonio Gadés, Omar Sharif, Robert De Niro. With a monologue of which she is the author, the Florentine debut. " You were born to be an actress " Giorgio Albertazzi will tell her and wins the coveted scholarship for the Bottega Teatrale in Florence where she graduates with Vittorio Gassman who sees in her the tragicity of Elettra. Beyond the comic mask, even the authoritative Gianluigi Rondi identifies in the artist a dramatic intensity and encourages it in this direction. The writing becomes theatrical and, with that tragic pride that her face tells, the author gives voice to the wounded humanity defending the gift that femininity gives.
Eclectic author and interpreter combines vocality to her lyrics and sells out in the most prestigious Italian theaters, accompanied on stage by a band of refined musicians. Contended by the television schedules, the news will be sent very special by Striscia, alongside Teo Teocoli in the successful edition of Scherzi a parte, "Dance with the stars" by Milly Carlucci, she is Maria de Filippi's favorite "accomplice" in There is mail for you .. Guest of the Maurizio Costanzo Show, he will then interview Costanzo exclusively on his happy Sunday. He will be several times guest of Mara Venier, Silvia Toffanin, Massimo Giletti, Carlo Conti, Simona Ventura, Nicola Savino, Fiorello, Enrico Mentana, Emilio Fede, Piero Chiambretti, Bruno Vespa, Raffaella Carrà for the Love program dedicated to long distance adoptions, Cinematografo by Gigi Marzullo. Waiting for scripts " to believe in " says the actress, she is nominated for the David di Donatello and the Nastro d'Argento with the comic character of Nina in the film "Il paradiso suddenly" by Leonardo Pieraccioni. She was awarded by the French jury of the Ajaccio Festival as the best leading actress for the film “Ma l'Amore Sì” by Marco Costa. He took part in the documentary film "Frankie Factosta" by Gianni Torres, with John Turturro and Joe Mantegna. Among the numerous awards, Massimo Troisi Prize, Grolla d'Oro, Golden Key, Baroque Prize, Cavalieri di Malta Prize awarded to her by Michele Placido. Awarded for the Giffoni Experience Award 2013 section, as a sign of recognition for her multifaceted talent in the field of entertainment and the arts. Awarded the European Personality Award at the Quirinale in the 2000s and December 2013. With "Sono Stata Spiegata", an editorial success, she allocates part of the proceeds to AVSI in Sierra Leone, contributing to the construction of a school for ex-soldier children. She has experience of volunteering with terminally ill AIDS patients, and Madrina per Bergamo Scienza collaborates with Professor Gianvito Martino. He writes for several editions on Smemoranda and in 2010 publishes “Caro Amico diLetto” an intense and appreciated look at relationships; back in the bookstore with "Dimmelo Amméil" published by Vallardi, already a television success with the appointment that confirmed her queen of Zelig Circus in the 2013 and 2014 editions.
Frankie Facciatosta, docufilm for the States, directed by Gianni Torres;
Suddenly Paradise (2003) directed by Leonardo Pieraccioni;
Christmas in love (2004) directed by Neri Parenti;
Eccezzziunale really - Second Chapter ... me (2006) directed by Carlo Vanzina;
But love ... yes (2006) directed by Tonino Zangardi and Marco Costa;
An exceptional year (2007) directed by Carlo Vanzina;
Marriage to the Bahamas (2007) directed by Claudio Risi;
Marriage in Paris (2011) directed by Claudio Risi;
The pair of champions (2016) directed by Giulio Base.
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