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Entrepreneur and manager in the restaurant business with the cabaret hobby. Paolo Cevoli was born in Riccione on 29 June 1958 into a family of hoteliers.

In 2002 he made his debut, almost by chance, in Zelig, in the role of an unlikely and funny councilor from Romagna and from that year, until 2012, he participated in all editions of Zelig.

In 2010 he wrote and performed, with over 250 repeats, " The Penultimate Supper ", a comical and dramatic monologue that tells the story of the cook of Jesus' Last Supper. It is a story of conversion and faith, told with comic and modern.

In 2013 he made his debut with the theatrical monologue “ Il sosia di lui ”, the story of Mussolini's double. This story also takes up the thread of the previous monologue. Telling the life of great men through "servants".

In the summer of 2013 he wrote the story and screenplay for the film " Simple Soldier "   set in the First World War, the centenary of which occurs in 2014. “Soldato Semplice” is the story of an elementary school teacher from Romagna who in 1915 was forced to enlist as a volunteer.

In 2015 he made his debut with “ Why don't you speak? ”, A comic monologue that tells of the misadventures of the stuttering boy by Michelangelo Buonarroti.

In 2017, " The Bible told in the way of Paolo Cevoli " debuted, the Bible, known by everyone even if, perhaps, not read by everyone; a great theatrical performance where God is the "manager" that you want to represent and make known on the stage of the universe. God is the "First Actor" who summons the great characters of the Bible as interpreters. Each of us is a protagonist and actor and can also discover the irony and comedy of the Great Story.

In 2019 " La Sagra Famiglia " debuts, in line with the previous "classic", a comic monologue on the relationship between parents and children: it tells his personal story of father and son, compared with irony and lightness to the great classics, starting from Oedipus, Ulysses, Achilles, Aeneas, up to God with Moses and the Jewish people and the family of St. Joseph, Mary and the Child Jesus: the Holy Family. To say serious things without taking oneself seriously, to tell the Sagra Famiglia.

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